Key issues of the future: water and the environment deserve our attention – worldwide.

The pressing global issues of environmental protection – and responsible use of water as a natural resource in particular – deserve our special attention. Wherever we can, we work with experienced, professional partners to make a sustainable contribution to improving the situation for people in transition economies and developing countries. We are involved in both environmental and water projects as well as relevant application areas of science and education:

Helping with water – In view of the fact that some 1.3 billion people have insufficient access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion people worldwide have no adequate sanitation facilities, we support water projects in transition economies and developing countries. Because 90% of all non-industrial waste in such countries is discharged untreated, upgrading existing facilities (e.g. SOS Children’s Villages) to meet modern standards of environmental protection and sparing use of resources also plays a growing role in fostering sustainability. 

Knowing what’s going on – This is the motto for our science and education projects in the areas of water, the environment and technology. The focus here is on applied science and practical training as well as strategic exchange of scientific experience. For this reason, we support study programmes, science projects, conferences, water supply and sanitation, environmental sciences, spatial planning and networking platforms for science journalism.