“Empowering young people" – arousing curiosity and promoting young talent

Empowering young people – this is our motto for promoting young talents in the fields of science, education, culture and sport. The aim is to empower young people to further develop their existing abilities and personal gifts or discover their hidden talents.

With our 80 ‘Deutschlandstipendien’ (Germany Scholarships) in the areas of technology and the environment we provide financial support to committed and talented students to help them to uncover their true potential right from the start of their university studies. In order to deepen their understanding in arts and culture, regular cultural events are held exclusively for them. In this way, the young students also benefit from our donations to institutions of arts and culture. 

We grant special awards to particularly talented young scientists and musicians. Amongst other things, the young musicians are given the opportunity to perform at concerts. 

Our sports funding programme is primarily dedicated to rowing. It focuses on better training conditions, team building measures and junior development programmes for young rowers.  

To us, ‘arousing curiosity’ means opening children’s eyes to the exciting world of science (water, the environment and technology), and opening their ears to the joys of music and singing at a very young age.