Acting responsibly – for Dortmund and the region

Like the Opländer entrepreneurial and founding family, the Wilo-Foundation, too, has close ties with the city of Dortmund and the entire region. Maintaining a strong degree of “community engagement” comes naturally to the foundation, and is a practical way of carrying on the tradition of the founding family.

To further enhance the cultural appeal of Dortmund within the region and beyond, the foundation supports the renowned local Concert Hall in Dortmund and, in this way, helps to ensure that some outstanding musical events of the highest international standard are staged there. The Wilo-Foundation also supports the Dortmund theatre and its opera, ballet and drama sections, and therefore way paves the way for visionary formats, such as the first conference on digitality and theatre entitled “Enjoy Complexity” (2018). It also supports scholarships at the unique Academy for Digitality and Theatre at Schauspiel Dortmund.

In the interest of providing forward-looking structural assistance, the Wilo-Foundation intends to provide continued support to “social entrepreneurship” initiatives. In the past, it supported the drafting of a “master plan” for Dortmund to become a “City of Science”. As part of this initiative, partners from academia, industry, chambers of commerce and the city itself came together to jointly develop future visions and an action plan for the Science City of Dortmund, which includes everything from marketing campaigns to the work of the Children’s University.

The involvement of the foundation in providing educational, sports and cultural support not only works to the benefit of talented individuals. It also includes liaison and education activities for youth, children and civil society as a whole.

The founding family