Across national boundaries: enabling encounters – enhancing intercultural understanding

International understanding is not just a topical issue for government and industry. It is relevant to anyone taking on social responsibility, whether that is in the field of science, education or arts and culture. 

Continuous scientific and cultural exchange is vital to the development of the European community and a common set of values. Our support for European-wide scientific and cultural projects focuses on France, Central and Eastern Europe and Turkey. In our experience, seminar events, concerts and exhibitions are all ideal ways to strengthen intercultural dialogue. 

Added to this are some new challenges presented by the developing and transition countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, which are currently undergoing comprehensive reform processes and opening up more and more to the rest of the world. With the aim of fostering this increased potential for exchange of knowledge and better intercultural understanding, we support scholarships with a foreign component and scientific, educational and cultural institutes with international conferences and exhibition projects.