Support for high-performance rowing in Dortmund – a long tradition

When it comes to our engagement in the area of sports, high-performance rowing is clearly our greatest passion. In line with our motto “empowering young people”, we enable young athletes to fully develop their talents.

Our funding activities focus on the improvement of training conditions for young rowers, teambuilding measures and talent promotion. We also provide funding for scholarships that give young rowers an opportunity to engage in high-performance sports whilst continuing their vocational training or university studies. Our support at schools includes rowing camps for

pupils or the rowing city championship of schools in Dortmund.

More than in any other funding area, our activities in the field of rowing are deeply rooted in the tradition of the founders and entrepreneurs of the Opländer family. Dr.-Ing. E. h. Jochen Opländer has been supporting top rowing athletes for decades – like his grandfather Louis and his father Wilhelm before him. The Dortmund-based rowing club Hansa (Ruderclub Hansa e.V.) acknowledged his achievements by making Jochen Opländer an honorary club member. In the Olympic Year 2012 the German Men’s Eight appointed him as their honorary captain. During the 2019 World Rowing Championships in Linz, the President of the German Rowing Association (Deutscher Ruderverband – DRV), Siegfried Kaidel, awarded him the medal for outstanding achievements. It is the most prestigious medal of the German Rowing Association and has been awarded to famous rowing coaches, including Ralf Holtmeyer and Karl Adam.

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Young rowers are backbone of the German men’s Olympic sweep rowing team. The Dortmund Rowing Centre is the training centre of many renowned teams, including the traditional German Men’s Eight and other women’s and men’s national teams. The Federal Rowing Training Centre is located on the Dortmund-Ems Canal and has a long tradition in rowing. The Dortmund Rowing Centre and the rowing club Hansa Dortmund, which share the same roof, have been engaged in close cooperation since 1976. Together, they also keep close contact with schools – which has enabled them to spot and grow many new talents over the years.

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