Water Quality Centre of Excellence at Vishwakarma University

India is one of the countries that are most severely hit by climate change. It is reported that, about 600 million people in India are affected by acute water scarcity. Dwindling, and sometimes contaminated, water resources, the high dependency on rainfall and the lack of alternative irrigation systems are major problems in rural areas, where approximately 70 per cent of India’s population live. Consequently, water scarcity, in the scenario of changing climate, is a key concern. That is why the Wilo-Foundation is supporting the Water Quality Centre of Excellence at Vishwakarma University in Pune, India.

In its work, the Water Quality Centre of Excellence focuses on exploring various technologies for water purification with a view to improving water quality for the Indian population. The Wilo-Foundation has provided the Water Quality Centre of Excellence with the technical equipment for the required analyses, allowing students to work over a longer period of time on projects relating to water quality, including water quality of rivers.

Funding partners

The Vishwakarma University, Pune is operated by the Bansilal Ramnath Agarwal Charitable Trust (BRACT). Established in 1975, the Trust is engaged in various charitable, social and educational activities in India. Vishwakarma University is established as a State Private University under Government of Maharashtra Act No.XXXVIII 2017.

Vishwakarma University, Pune

Vishwakarma University, Pune
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