SmaDiWa project study and symposium on Water 4.0 at Hof University of Applied Sciences

As part of its funding activities for science and academia, the Wilo-Foundation is supporting interdisciplinary exchanges in the areas of environment, water and technology. The topic of digitisation is given high priority in this context.

SmaDiWa project study

SmaDiWa is an acronym for “Smart Digital Transformation in the Water Sector” and stands for a project study that was implemented, with support from the Wilo-Foundation, by the iwe (Institute for Water and Energy Management) at Hof University of Applied Sciences in 2017 and 2018 to explore smart digital transformation in the water sector. Engineers and market researchers, in collaboration with representatives from the water economy, investigated the current status of digitisation in the water sector and looked at the resulting consequences. The findings of the study are to be used for targeted efforts to promote digitisation in the water sector in the interest of more efficient water management, and over the long term translate the findings into concrete research and development projects.

1st Hof Water Symposium - Digitisation

On the occasion of the presentation of the SmaDiWa project study results, the “1st Hof Water Symposium – Digitisation” took place at Hof University of Applied Sciences in 2018. The forum, which was supported by the Wilo-Foundation, provided an opportunity for scientists, actors from the water sector and interested visitors to exchange knowledge and ideas. The next Symposium is scheduled for 2020.

Our funding partner:

The iwe (Institute for Water and Energy Management of Hof University of Applied Sciences) is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence of the Engineering Faculty of Hof University of Applied Sciences. The scientific management of the institute lies with Professor Manuela Wimmer. In addition to her role as head of the institute and her teaching activities at Hof University of Applied Sciences, she manages the SmaDiWa project and is the central contact for representatives from the water sector.

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