German-French seminar for students of journalism

With the aim of contributing to an international exchange of information via science journalism, in 2012 we began providing financial support for the annual German-French seminar hosted by the Dortmund Department of Science Journalism in association with Strasburg University. 

The seminar on science journalism takes place once every year, its venue alternating between France and Germany, and focuses on different topics such as “science and nutrition” or “science and music”. During the seminar, students explore relevant questions relating to these topics, and experts are invited to the seminar to talk about the latest scientific findings on the respective subject. The seminar also offers young journalists an opportunity to learn more about science journalism in practice. 


Our funding partner:

Organisation of this bilingual, applied-science seminar has been coordinated by Professor Holger Wormer of the Science Journalism Department at Dortmund Technical University since 2006. This is one of eight departments within the prestigious Journalism Institute of Dortmund University – one of the most renowned journalistic training centres of any German university.

Funding partner

Department of Science Journalism at Dortmund Technical University
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