100 scholarships for students studying in Germany

The Wilo-Foundation is the leading provider of Germany scholarships in Dortmund, Bochum, Magdeburg, Hof and Coburg, with over 100 scholarships now on offer.

The scholarships are designed to help committed and deserving students uncover their true potential right from the start of their university studies. In addition to providing financial support, the Wilo-Foundation gives scholarship holders the chance to meet engineers, take part in special professional events and get to know the cultural centres and partners of the foundation such as the Theater Dortmund, the Concert hall Dortmund and the Hof Symphony Orchestra within their university location.

Our aim is to contribute to the development of young talent in the engineering disciplines and the academic centres providing their university education.

Funding partners

Ever since 2011, the German Ministry of Education and Research has been supporting students who have shown the potential to produce outstanding performances in their studies and careers by providing them with EUR 300 per month. The scholarship is funded 50/50 by the German government and private benefactors. The funding partners are Dortmund Technical University (TU), Dortmund Applied Sciences University (FH), Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg, Hof University of Applied Sciences, Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Ruhr University, Bochum.

Funding partner

Dortmund Technical University

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Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts

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Hof University of Applied Science

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Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg

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Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts

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