STEAM education initiative to improve future skills in Cedarburg (United States)

One of the funding priorities of the Wilo-Foundation in the field of education is to awaken young people’s interest in natural sciences, technology and the arts. That is why the Dortmund-based family foundation will provide funding, in the period 2019 to 2022, for the STEAM education initiative implemented by the Cedarburg Education Foundation on behalf of the Cedarburg School District, Cedarburg, Wisconsin, United States. STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

The vision of STEAM education in Cedarburg School District is to: 

  1. Promote the integration of multiple content areas to enrich and deepen the connections between disciplines;
  2. Develop a maker-centered learning mindset to foster innovation and design-thinking practices for students which include critical thinking, problem solving and a spirit of innovation; 
  3. Ensure all students have access to and learning experiences with engineering and design experiences. 

A central and related improvement to the STEAM initiative is the development and incorporation of maker-spaces in each of the five schools. These spaces are designed to be innovation hubs, where teachers and students can go to create and build; a place where ideas move from incubation to creation!   These experiences scaffold in complexity as the student progresses through the school system.  Starting with Rokenbok engineering and design experiences in 4K-5th grade to Project Lead the Way engineering courses in 6-12.  Additional robotics, advanced manufacturing and construction related courses are also available to students as they enter grades 9-12.

The STEAM project also includes various other components, e.g. a training program for teachers, the further development of curricula, research studies and surveys, a long-term plan, and various collaborative initiatives with businesses from the region and with the Milwaukee School of Engineering and Milwaukee Area Technical College.

Our funding partners:

The Cedarburg Education Foundation is a non-profit foundation established in January 2006. It partners with schools and communities, particularly in the Cedarburg School District, and works to improve education for the approximately 3,000 schoolkids in the district. With the private funding it receives, the Cedarburg Education Foundation implements projects enabling children and youth to achieve their potential and enhance their academic achievement.

Funding partner