Sanitation facilities for schools on Lake Victoria in Kenya

Since 2020, the Wilo-Foundation has been supporting the construction of safe, hygienic sanitation facilities at schools around Lake Victoria, most recently in the Nyanza region, previously in Kisumu in eastern Kenya. An effective measure, after all, a lack of access to clean drinking water and safe sanitation facilities quickly leads to several problems: For example, according to Unicef, diarrhoeal diseases or pneumonia caused by contaminated water and poor hygiene are also one of the main reasons for the high mortality rate of children under five in Kenya. According to figures from WHO and Unicef, 38% of Kenya's population had no access to water in 2020, and 67% had no access to basic sanitation. The projects are initiated by the Dortmund-based One World Group and implemented on site with the help of financial support from the Wilo-Foundation through the Kenyan non-governmental organisation, Geno Community Development Initiative (GCDI).

As early as 2008, the Dortmund Aplerbeck One World Group of the Evangelische Georgs-Kirchengemeinde Dortmund, together with the city of Dortmund and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, introduced the rainwater harvesting project "Every Drop Counts" in Kenya to supply local schools with clean drinking water. 42 rainwater tanks have thus been installed at numerous school buildings and churches so far.

Our funding partner:

The GENO Community Development Initiative was founded in 1994 as a self-help group. The partnership between GENO and the Georgs-Kirchengemeinde Dortmund has existed since 1995. The Aplerbeck One World Group maintains and shapes this relationship on behalf of the congregation. GENO is active in Nyanza Province in the far west of Kenya, in one of the poorest and structurally weakest regions of the country with serious health problems, especially HIV/AIDS and malaria. Since December 2007, it has been officially recognized and registered as an NGO (non-governmental organisation) in Kenya. The members work in the field of health care, climate and environmental protection and sustainable development. The "Weltgruppe Aplerbeck" was awarded the sustainability seal of the City of Dortmund in 2021.