The “Living Lakes” Network

Human beings have always been attracted and fascinated by lakes – and they continue to play an important role as habitats for countless animals and plant species, as drinking water reservoirs, and also as recreational areas. However, lakes in Germany are amongst the threatened habitats. This is where the Living Lakes Network, established in 2009 by the Global Nature Fund, comes in. The network partners jointly implement pilot projects to promote sustainable development in the lake regions – with a view to protecting Germany’s lake regions and keeping them healthy over the long term. In 2016, the Living Lakes Network was recognised as an Official UN Decade Project.

In 2020, the German Men’s Eight, which is based at the rowing training centre in Dortmund, became ambassador of the Living Lakes Network for at least four years. The Wilo-Foundation, which has been supporting the top-ranking rowing team in Dortmund for many years now, will sponsor the Network’s annual meetings, including field trips, until 2024. In addition, the Wilo-Foundation has been providing financial support for international water projects of the Global Nature Fund for many years, initially in Colombia and Jordan, and now also in Cambodia.

Every year on World Water Day, which is held on 22 March, the Network declares a lake “Living Lake of the Year”. During the press event, the award-winning lake is announced in the presence of a representative of the German Men’s Eight and of the Wilo-Foundation.

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The Global Nature Fund (GNF) is an international foundation for nature and the environment. The independent non-governmental foundation pursues exclusively non-profit aims. The Global Nature Fund was founded in 1998 with the aim to promote environmental protection and animal welfare.

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