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As part of our talent promotion and education efforts, the idea of “arousing curiosity” is a top priority.  To us this means opening children’s eyes to the exciting world of science (water, the environment and technology) at the earliest possible age, in order to spark their enthusiasm for it. It is the reason why we support the series of events run by the TU Dortmund’s Children’s University. The events are aimed at children aged ten to twelve and designed by university professors to explore fascinating questions in a child-friendly way.

We also contributed to the opening ceremony of the “Technology is Fun” series on 18 January 2013 by providing some of the content for answering the question “How does heating work?”. Philanthropist and entrepreneur Dr.-Ing. h. c. Jochen Opländer, in conversation with Prof. Dr. Michael Steinbrecher, let the children in on the secrets of heating technology and demonstrated the function of heating through some exciting experiments conducted right in front of their eyes. At subsequent events, both male and female professors of the various technical faculties will introduce children to their particular line of research by reporting on their experiments and findings – and letting their enthusiasm spill over to the next generation. 

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The Children’s University at Dortmund Technical University has been in place since 2004. It is a clear indicator that university researchers and lecturers are more and more open to the society around them and keen to raise the enthusiasm of young people for science. Their interaction with young people also enriches the life of the university. Young people – often together with other members of their family – are invited to explore fascinating topics across a host of different subject areas.



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