Africa GreenTec ImpactSite (Senegal)

Senegalese community with green vision

Electricity plays a central role when it comes to the development of the sub-Saharan Africa region: water treatment, cold chains, electricity, Internet - and all of this seamlessly and securely. The social enterprise Africa GreenTec AG is taking a big step in this direction with the introduction of so-called ImpactSites. These are holistic concepts designed to improve people's productivity and living conditions through sustainable, solar energy-based power generation. The project is financially supported by the Wilo-Foundation, which particularly promotes the electrification of elementary schools and several households. The project receives further support through the provision of innovative technical solutions from the Wilo Group and financial support from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Scientific support for the project is provided by the Chair of Corporate Sustainability, Prof. Dr. Frank-Martin Belz, at the Technical University of Munich.

The community of N'diob in Senegal is a pilot project for the future realization of so-called ImpactSites. In these, entire village communities in rural regions of sub-Saharan Africa are supplied with electricity and equipped with modern technologies, ensuring access to clean drinking water, among other things. The entire community also has a green vision, spearheaded by its mayor and environmental activist Oumar Ba: N'diob wants to become a self-sufficient organic agricultural community independent of imports. The basis for this is energy solutions from renewable sources and sustainable partners to build the associated value chains.

Video of ImpactSite Opening with Senegalese Enactus students

Our funding partner:

Africa GreenTec Help e.V. from Hainburg is a non-profit association that works primarily in West Africa to improve people's living conditions. The association is convinced that a reliable power supply, good education for all and medical care for people are basic requirements for a self-determined and sustainable life. The association has set itself the task of helping the inhabitants of rural regions to shape a future worth living for themselves.

Africa GreenTec Help e.V.