International choir concert tours for children and adolescents

Since 2002, the choirs of the Choral Academy in Dortmund – which calls itself Europe’s largest singing school – have been taking to the road, travelling to Poland, Croatia, Italy, China, France, Austria, Portugal and the USA. Concert tours to Beijing, Boston and Fátima have even resulted in permanent partnerships with local children’s and youth choirs as well as friendships among the young people. 

In addition to honing young people’s artistic talent, the academy also places emphasis on enhancing their social skills. Leisure and holiday projects have proven useful for strengthening the feeling of community within a choir, as have regular international exchange projects and concert tours throughout Europe. 

Since 2014, the Wilo-Foundation has been helping the children’s and youth choir at the Choral Academy to broaden its horizons by making financial contributions for its foreign concert tours as part of the Foundation’s culture and talent promotion programme. These trips foster not only the young people’s musical talent but also their teamwork, enthusiasm and personal initiative. 


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The Choral Academy of Dortmund is today the largest singing school in Europe. Divided into a department for children and youth and a concert division, a total of 1,000 singers at the academy take part in 30 choirs. The academy was founded in 2002 in Dortmund. Its mission is to promote the joy of choral and solo singing on a high level at the borderline to professionalism.

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Choral Academy Dortmund