Awards for scholarship holders

With our incentive awards, we want to encourage outstanding musicians, recognise their extraordinary talent and help them develop their musical careers. In 2012, we began granting two awards a year to scholarship holders of the Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund (Dortmund Mozart Society), as a way of honouring particularly gifted musicians. The special feature of these awards is that the financial support also includes a concert performance in the renowned Dortmund Concert Hall.

Up to today, the following scholarship holders have received an award from the Wilo-Foundation:

  • 2020/21: Tobias Reikow (bassoon) and Kieran Carrel (tenor)
  • 2019/20: Lara Boschkor (violin) and Zofia Neugebauer (flute)
  • 2018/19: Werther Klavierquartett: Shuya Tanaka (violoncello), Wouter Valvekens (piano), Leonor Fleming (viola), Anouk Lapaire (violin) und Robert Neumann (piano)
  • 2017/18: Anna Maria Wünsch (viola) and Monet Bläserquintett: Marc Gruber (horn), Johanna Stier (oboe), Theo Plath (bassoon), Anissa Baniahmad (flute), Nemorino Scheliga (clarinet)
  • 2016/17: Magdalena Müllerperth (piano) and Johanna Stier (oboe)
  • 2015/16: Aaron Pilsan (piano) and Nemorino Scheliga (clarinet)
  • 2014/15: Kian Soltani (cello) and Theo Plath (bassoon)
  • 2013/14: Elisabeth Brauß (piano) and Liv Migdal (violin)
  • 2012/13: Mariko Hara (viola) and Mayu Kishima (violin) 

Since, the 2019/20 season, the Wilo-Foundation has also been supporting the new format “A reunion with…” hosted by Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund. During these matinees, the Dortmund audience has an opportunity to once again meet the former scholarship holders of Mozart Gesellschaft and watch them perform at Dortmund Concert Hall.

Our funding partner:

Since its inception back in 1956, Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund (Dortmund Mozart Society) has been pursuing two major goals: to cultivate Mozart’s music and to promote young musicians through scholarships. Some of its financial initiatives include the design and funding of individual websites, concert performance engagements, master classes and support for CD productions.

The society supports young artists who have demonstrated their outstanding talent by winning international music competitions. Over the years, Mozart Gesellschaft Dortmund has provided financial assistance to over 160 young musicians in the form of scholarships.

Funding partner


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