Photo exhibition “Olympic Dimensions” at the German Sports & Olympics Museum

For the sporting world, the year 2012 all revolved around the London Olympics, which is why the photo exhibition ‘Olympic Dimensions’ in the German Sports & Olympics Museum in Cologne focused entirely on world-class athletes. Photographer Gregor Hübl captured the essence of their sporting prowess with fascinating lighting, creative artistry and all due respect, thus giving them a unique opportunity to shine in a different way. The stated intention of both the photographer and the elite athletes portrayed was to showcase their particular discipline to the public and to arouse the curiosity and enthusiasm of youngsters for their chosen sport.

As a friend of high-performance sport – and rowing in particular – we supported this exhibition of German photographic engineer and photographic designer Gregor Hübl, who has a special passion for sports photography. The founder’s family has actively supported rowing in Dortmund for generations now, and remains a strong supporter to this day. The foundation is particularly committed to helping up-and-coming rowing talents, which explains why one photograph in the exhibition features the German Rowing Eight (2012) from Dortmund.

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Photographer Gregor Hübl and the German Sports & Olympics Museum in Cologne 

Ever since it was opened in 1999, the German Sports & Olympics Museum in Cologne has showcased sporting history from antiquity to the present day. The museum attracts 120,000 visitors annually and is run by the German Sport & Olympia Museum Foundation. Gregor Hübl is a qualified photographic engineer who majored in image design and now works as a freelance photo designer. For many years now he has trained his photographic lens on the field of sport and exercise. ‘Olympic Dimensions’ is the second exhibition Gregor Hübl has staged in the German Sport & Olympia Museum in Cologne. In 2010 he presented the ‘Athletic Moments’ exhibition at the same venue.

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Gregor Hübl, Photographer

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German Sports & Olympics Museum, Cologne

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