Scholarships in spatial planning in growing economies

Knowing what’s going on – the same motto prompts us to provide international scholarships in the areas of environment, water and technology in order to enable students to leverage increasing opportunities for international scientific exchange between industrialised and developing countries.

One of our funding activities beginning in 2013 includes a full scholarship towards a Master of Science in ‘SPRING’ (Spatial Planning for Regions in Growing Economies). The two-year post-graduate degree addresses spatial planning issues in developing and emerging countries. Students acquire knowledge in the areas of environmental planning, physical infrastructure planning and socio-economic development planning. Skills in regional analysis, regional planning and practical implementation of regional plans also form part of the course. In their first year of study, the students are based in Dortmund or Ghana and in their second year they can choose to study in Ghana, Tanzania, Chile or the Philippines.

‘‘SPRING’ is one of the most well-established Masters programmes offered by Dortmund Technical University, with more than 25 years of teaching experience behind it. It is also one of the post-graduate programmes offered in English right from the start. In the year 2006, ‘SPRING’ was named one of the top 10 ‘International Master’s Degree Courses, Made in Germany’.

Our funding partner:

The Department for Spatial Planning at Dortmund TU

For more than four decades now, students have completed degrees in Spatial Planning at Dortmund Technical University. Since the winter semester of 1969/70, the faculty has seen more than 4,000 graduates whose main areas of professional activity are the design, management and monitoring of spatial development processes. Based on the current number of students (about 1,000) and the wealth of issues being addressed, this faculty is currently Europe’s largest educational facility for spatial planners. 

Funding partner

The Department for Spatial Planning at Dortmund TU
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