A "Science Action Plan" for the city of Dortmund

In the summer of 2011, Dortmund City Council decided to draw up a master plan on the subject of science. The foundation is providing structural assistance with the forward-looking Science Master Plan and, in this way, supports the future development of Dortmund into a Science City. The purpose of the Science Master Plan is to make Dortmund better known as a science location, promote closer networking of local scientific institutions and expand the degree of collaboration that already exists between the science community and the city in general.

Partners from science, the business community, chambers of commerce and the city government are helping to develop future visions and an action plan for the Science City of Dortmund, which includes everything from public relations campaigns to the work of the Children’s University. We are supporting the Science Master Plan with a financial contribution over two years and some dedicated practical work. 

Our funding partners:

Dortmund Technical University, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, scientific institutes, social and cultural institutions, unions, businesses and city council administrators are all contributing to this Science Master Plan. The Dortmund Technology Centre is also an active partner in this process.

Funding partner

City of Dortmund


Dortmund Technical University

Dortmund University of Applied Sciences


Dortmund scientific institutes


windo e.V.