Helping with water: sparing use of resources in renewing the facilities of SOS Children’s Villages

In view of the fact that so many people have insufficient access to safe drinking water and little or no adequate sanitation facilities, we support water projects in transition economies and developing countries. Through our donations, we support the sustainable rehabilitation of existing facilities in SOS Children’s Villages in accordance with environmentally friendly standards and sparing use of resources. Here are some examples of these initiatives:

With the help of water: resource-conscious sources of supply for SOS Children’s Villages 


Examples of our support include

Mombasa (Kenya), 2011.
Over 30 years after it was founded, a major upgrade of the water supply and public schools was urgently required. 

Imzouren (Morocco), 2012/2013.
To safeguard the supply of drinking water to the SOS Children’s Village, an earthquake-damaged well was rebuilt and every house in the village connected to suitable sanitation systems. 

Tacloban (Philippines), November 2013.
The highest priority was emergency aid following the devastation caused by typhoon Haiyan. This included assistance for orphaned and homeless children. 

Alibaug and Bawana (India), 2013/2014.
Complete water treatment systems were installed for the SOS Children’s Villages that were founded in 2010.

Abobo Gare (Ivory Coast), 2014/2015.
The Ivory Coast is among the poorest countries in the world. The first SOS Children’s Village in Africa was established here as early as 1971 in Abobo-Gare near the metropolis of Abidjan. 14 houses had to be rebuilt due to the civil war of the previous decade. The Opländer Foundation provided financial assistance for the plumbing to be installed in those houses. The Wilo-Foundation provided financial assistance for plumbing to be installed in those houses, and for sanitation systems to be installed in six public schools in the municipality of Sagbé in Abobo-Gare.


Our funding partner:

SOS Children’s Villages 

SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental and non-denominational aid agency for children that is active all over the world. SOS Children’s Villages have been advocating for the rights of children since 1949. They are now working in 133 countries around the globe.

The role of SOS Children’s Villages is to help abandoned children and children in need lead a better life. In the surrounding area of these Children’s Villages, community support is also provided for families in need, through self-help projects, educational initiatives and healthcare centres.  

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