Our involvement in the UNICEF Germany campaign “Water works”

The pressing global issue of the responsible use of water as a natural resource deserves our special attention. 

Due to the fact that some 1.3 billion people have insufficient access to safe drinking water and 2.6 billion people worldwide have no adequate sanitation facilities, we support the German UNICEF Campaign “Water works”‘. The declared target of this campaign is that, by the year 2015, at least 500,000 children in six different countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Somalia, South Sudan and Zambia) will have been provided with a permanent supply of clean drinking water, latrines and information about basic hygiene. More specifically, our annual donation over the next three years to the UNICEF working group in Dortmund will help it contribute to the building of water supply and sanitation facilities in three districts of the Kampong Cham province in Cambodia.

Since its inception, our foundation has been involved in environmental and water projects in Africa, and we want to extend our activities in this area by supporting the “Water works” programme in other regions.

Our funding partner:

UNICEF is the Children’s Aid Agency of the United Nations. Founded in 1946, UNICEF supports disadvantaged children worldwide. UNICEF is the most popular children’s organisation in Germany. Over 40 men and women from all sectors of society are actively involved in the Dortmund working group of UNICEF.

Funding partner

unicef AG Dortmund

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