Programme for unaccompanied refugee minors

The number of unaccompanied refugee minors seeking shelter in Germany has risen dramatically during the refugee crisis. Often, these young people have made traumatic experiences and need help to integrate in Germany over the long term. In Ingolstadt, the Roland Berger Foundation has set up two centres for unaccompanied refugee minors and is running a support programme focused on education.

These centres also help the young people to engage in extracurricular activities and build a daily routine. That professional support is provided by a network of schools, personal mentors and local institutions such as churches and associations. Since 2016, the Wilo-Foundation has been supporting the associated scientific research on the project, carried out by the Catholic University of Eichstätt, that is aimed at continuously developing the pilot programme further and promoting the integration of unaccompanied refugee minors. The funding project highlights the Wilo-Foundation’s commitment to enhance educational and career prospects, especially of young people.

Our funding partners:

The Roland Berger Foundation focuses mainly on activities aimed at achieving a more equitable distribution of opportunities. By awarding German Pupil Scholarships, it helps talented children and young people from socially disadvantaged families attain the German university entrance qualification (Abitur). As a non-governmental body for youth welfare services and youth work, it supports unaccompanied refugee minors.  In Ingolstadt, the Foundation has set up two centres for young unaccompanied refugees. In autumn of 2016, another living community for unaccompanied minors will be established in Kassel.
The foundation also distributes one million euros worldwide through the Roland Berger Award for Human Rights to deserving individuals and organisations making a special effort to protect human rights and human dignity.   

Funding partner

The Roland Berger Foundation
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