STEM support for daycare centres is a place for out-of-school learning where children and young people of all age levels, school classes, after-school care groups and educational catalysts are invited to experiment and research the fascinating life and working world of science and technology. The aim of is to address the lack of young people entering professions in science and technology. The plan is to develop a network of various kindergartens and early childhood educational institutes in order to increase the range of activities offered to the very young, in particular. 

This project for promoting STEM learning in daycare centres includes 1) advanced training courses for daycare staff “kids are doing research” on topics such as electricity, air, water or energy, 2) the provision of experiment kits to daycare centres, 3) “Kita researcher days”, and 4) the organisation of network meetings for daycare centres, elementary schools, the Research Centre for Child Nutrition, the Leibniz Institute for Analytical Sciences, Fabido, the workers’ welfare association AWO, the German non-denominational welfare association Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, and the Diakonie and Caritas charities.

Daycare centres that visit on a regular basis with children’s groups and or who have a minimum of two early childhood teachers who have completed two training sessions qualify for the partner plaque.

Our funding partner:, which was launched in September 2008, aims to stimulate and maintain the interest of children and young people in science and technology, primarily in order to address the shortage of young people entering these professions. The strategy has been successful over the past few years.
A dedicated range of practical science and technology initiatives, including project days/weeks, is offered by to complement regular classes in this area, with the aim of being a place of learning and educational encounter for children and young people.

Funding Partner