Deutsches Schülerstipendium (German Pupil Scholarship) – a project funded by the Wilo Foundation

Children are our future. So to help talented children get ahead, we support the German Pupil Scholarship Programme of the Roland Berger Foundation by providing three scholarships over a three-year period. We do this in Saxony-Anhalt, because of the limited funding available in that region and the resulting high need for such support. The German Pupil Scholarship was only introduced there in 2012. Ten school students aged between nine and sixteen from the entire Saxony-Anhalt region receive support under this scheme.

The Roland Berger Foundation gives school children from disadvantaged backgrounds the chance to develop their natural talents by awarding such scholarships. Ever since 2009, talented young school children from socially disadvantaged families have been successfully supported in this way. Each scholarship holder receives a personal development plan that provides the children and young people concerned with targeted help in ten different learning areas. Voluntary mentors act as a person of trust in each case, accompanying the scholarship holders and acting as intermediaries between parental home, school and foundation on their journey to completing their school education. Currently 500 children and young people nationwide are being supported by this programme.

Our funding partners:

The Roland Berger Foundation

The Roland Berger Foundation has two purposes, both with the aim of ensuring more equitable distribution of opportunities. By awarding German Pupil Scholarships, it helps talented children and young people from socially disadvantaged families attain the German university entrance qualification (Abitur). It also distributes one million euros worldwide through the Roland Berger Award for Human Rights, to deserving individuals and organisations making a special effort to protect human rights and human dignity.    

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Funding partner

Roland Berger Foundation

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