CoBiKe 4.0 – Holidays for Future

With a view to promoting STEM subjects also in the context of career guidance, the Wilo-Foundation is supporting the CoBiKe 4.0 education programme (CoBiKe being a German acronym for “exploring cool jobs in the field of climate change”) at the Dortmund-based Children and Youth Technology Centre ( for a two-year period. This ensures the continuation of the ESF funded project, which was launched as a “project for vocational training for sustainable development”, and was developed and implemented in cooperation with Grone Bildungszentren NRW gGmbH from 2015-2018. During that period, also collaborated on that project with Freie Universität Berlin and with Koblenz/Landau University.

CoBiKe4.0 provides students and apprentices aged 14 to 25 with the opportunity to participate in practice-oriented work camps that focus on natural science and, in this way, enables them to learn more about green, sustainable jobs and to explore in depth relevant fields of study. Each work camp includes several days that are dedicated to experimenting and reflecting on lessons learned. Camp participants also visit companies that are active in relevant disciplines. During such site visits, entrepreneurs, instructors and trainees provide insights into their day-to-day work and talk about their on-the-job experience. The work camps focus on topics that will become even more important in the future, such as sustainable building, intelligent IT solutions for control and regulation technologies used in smart home systems, and ecological cycles, and linkages between soil, water and climate.

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Established in 2008, is a unique place in Dortmund for out-of-school learning that encourages children and young people to actively explore science and technology and experiment themselves. Its aim is to make and keep children and youth interested in natural science, especially with a view to addressing the shortage of skilled experts in these fields. is run by s.i.d. Fördergesellschaft für Schule und Innovation in Dortmund gGmbH. Managing partners are the association for the promotion of innovative school development, the Dortmund Technology Center GmbH (TZDO) GmbH and Fachhochschule Dortmund.

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