Chance@Sanitary, Heating & AC Trade - pilot project for young people

The Wilo Foundation supports programmes that provide greater educational and employment opportunities for young people. The learning cascades model pioneered by Chancenwerk e.V. has been successfully offering just such opportunities for over ten years.

 In a learning cascade, a university student helps several older pupils with a problem subject, and in return the older pupils (as role models) help their younger peers with their schoolwork. The Chancenwerk Academy prepares the older pupils for this task and places university students at their disposal to guide them. To ensure smooth organisation, Chancenwerk assigns a coordinator to each school. 

Another field of activity in which the association is involved is the transition to the working world, with “ChancenWORK”. Here, the tutors are trainees who have received training as a “job tutors”, enabling them to conduct career guidance workshops at schools. 

The Wilo Foundation makes a financial contribution to securing the funding of two Chancenwerk schools, which at the same time function as pilot schools for the project “Chance SHK-Handwerk” (providing opportunities in the plumbing, heating and air conditioning trade) and cooperate with training institutions for the programme “ChancenWORK”. 

Our funding partner:

Chancenwerk e.V. works at secondary schools in several German states, establishing learning cascades in different types of schools. Pupils from the lowest to the highest grades can participate. Over the years, the project has continued to develop successfully: Chancenwerk e.V. now operates at 34 schools in 19 towns and municipalities in Germany. In order to ensure continued funding, Chancenwerk works with foundations, private donors and businesses. To secure high-quality support, Chancenwerk e.V. cooperates with universities when selecting students for the learning cascades and with the Zentralverband Sanitär, Heizung, Klima (German association for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning) in St. Augustin and WILO to choose “job tutors”. 

Funding partner

Chancenwerk e.V. Castrop-Rauxel