SummerMusicAcademy Schloss Hundisburg

Fostering international understanding and promoting young talents is of great importance to the Wilo-Foundation. In 2017 and 2018, the foundation will be supporting the orchestra of the SommerMusikAkademie (SMA) at Hundisburg Castle in Saxony-Anhalt. The SMA provides coaching at excellence level to some 60 talented young musicians from over 20 countries.

Each summer, international, young and outstanding musicians spend 15 days at the SMA and make music in the academy orchestra – an orchestra that is newly established year after year. Prior to the the SMA, a jury selects the participants that will make up a complete orchestra, turning “strangers into a homogeneous ensemble”. The participating musicians are often on the verge of their international breakthrough and come from all spheres of music: the SMA brings together jazz, chamber music and orchestra musicians. Following a rehearsal period of only one week under the artistic direction of conductor Johannes Klumpp, the academy orchestra and its musicians demonstrate their abilities to the audience in a concert series. The series includes various original formats, starting with the opening concert of the academy, followed by lecture and promenade concerts, thematic nights as a highlight of the SMA, and finally the closing concert. It is not only the musical excellence of SMA participants but also the unique venue of Hundisburg Castle that make this festival an event of international appeal. Selected concerts such as the promenade concert take place in the surroundings of Hundisburg Castle. The SMA is thus an important cultural event for the entire region of the town of Haldensleben.

Our funding partner:

Throughout the year, KULTUR-Landschaft Haldensleben-Hundisburg e. V. offers an attractive programme for all music and theatre lovers. The annual highlight of events is the SommerMusikAkademie that takes place in August. The castle provides an atmospheric setting for the student academy orchestra and its professional concert series.
Ever since its first season in 1993, the SommerMusikAkademie has been a highly prominent music event that shapes the region’s cultural life and is the most important concert series in the area around the state capital of Magdeburg.

Funding partner

KULTUR-Landschaft Haldensleben-Hundisburg e. V.

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