RUHRTRIENNALE: International Festival Campus 2018-20

A project for the artists of tomorrow

A key objective of the Wilo-Foundation is to promote international understanding in the Ruhr region and support exceptional young talents. The “International Festival Campus 2018-20”, which is part of the RUHRTRIENNALE, encourages young performing and visual artists to exchange ideas. Students from various international and regional art and theatre academies meet at the “International Festival Campus” and jointly explore and discuss various RUHRTRIENNALE productions in workshops and seminars, talk with festival artists about their work and, in conversations with the festival’s director and team members, gain valuable insights into what happens behind the scenes of the festival.

The Campus Programme, which is being co-funded from 2018-20 by the Wilo-Foundation and Allianz Kulturstiftung, is one of the largest programmes of its kind worldwide, with more than 200 students from 25 international and regional art and theatre academies participating every year. It provides a space for encounters between renowned artists, creative young talents, and artists who use very different work approaches and come from different cultural contexts.

Our funding partner:

Kultur Ruhr GmbH is the host of the RUHRTRIENNALE, the international arts festival in the Ruhr metropolitan region. The GmbH is a joint business of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Ruhr Regional Association. The RUHRTRIENNALE venues are different industrial monuments in the Ruhr area, which every year turn into unique performance spaces for music, theatre, literature and dance events during the festival. RUHRTRIENNALE co-productions, which are developed jointly with international institutions and other festivals, further strengthen the importance of the Ruhr metropolitan region as a central location for art productions in Europe.

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