Asia-Pacific Youth Parliament for Water in South Korea

Wilo-Foundation invited three awardees to Germany

Young water awardees of the Wilo-Foundation in Röslau

Korea Water Forum (KWF) the funding partner of the Wilo-Foundation has currently elected three university students from Korea, Indonesia and the Union of Myanmar at the summer school "Asia-Pacific Youth Parliament for Water" (APYPW) in Korea as water-awardees. As part of Wilo-Foundation's sponsorship, the foundation invited these young award winners from 6-9 September 2016 to Germany.

During their trip, the awardees visited Wilo production sites in Dortmund and Hof, the Hof University of Applied Science, the wastewater treatment plant in Röslau (near Hof), as well as the traditional German Scientific Urban Water Management Meeting hosted this year by the Munich Technical University also sponsored by Wilo-Foundation.

In the fourth year now (2013-17), Wilo-Foundation has been supported the APYPW to raise awareness of water-related issues such as global water shortage among young people and encourage them to help come up with new solutions. Since 2016, the Wilo-Foundation is presenting the "Young Water Award" to a team of two or three students who have delivered outstanding results during the summer school and in terms of sustainability regarding water-related issues.